This post originally appeared on my other blog in January, 2017

Special Snowflake #2 has taken a momentary break from watching Elena of Avalor to address an important issue.

“What would you do in a sword fight?” she demanded to know with an eagerness that suggested such a possibility might be eminent.

“I would look my opponent in the eye,” I assured her, “and I would say, ‘Allo my name is Inigo–”

She cut me off. “Isn’t your name Daniel?” she demanded with even more urgency.

“Yes, but in sword fights, I’d go by the name Inigo Montoya, and–”

She cut me off again. “Daddy, do you want to see my cool ninja skills?” she asked as she leapt around the room.

Good to see Elena of Avalor is teaching some valuable life skills. I’m sure I’ll be explaining the whole “Inigo Montoya thing” around 3:00 tomorrow morning.