Originally posted June 4, 2017

It was a rough weekend here at Ft. Awesome. One of those “I wish I had a do-over” type weekends, though truthfully I’m not sure I would’ve played the do-over card. I don’t think I’d want to risk going through the same stuff again.

As a semi-random Shout Out, one of Special Snowflake #2’s classmates had a birthday party this weekend. Her mom hosted an incredibly awesome event, and I can’t underscore this enough… not only was it the complete opposite of a Pinterest Fail, but it might have been the only time on Saturday that my special snowflake stopped whining and complaining.

“But Daddy, I don’t like mermaids TODAY.”

This was an actual comment muttered more than once on Saturday morning. It’s hysterical now to think about–the mere suggestion that she didn’t have anything but complete adulation for mermaids–but the “today” part of that statement really gets me. It’s as though she and her sister had a private meeting to brainstorm what they could come up that might make my head explode.

Anyway… she had a ball at the party. Afterward I’m certain there would’ve been compete denial that mermaids were even mildly disparaged.

But back to the weekend…

Yesterday was our neighborhood yard sale. Last year, my lovely red headed wife and I begrudgingly participated and netted… I don’t remember exactly… somewhere around $100 for our efforts. While there was additional value in getting rid of crap that didn’t come back into the house, afterward we decided that, overall, it wasn’t worth it. We made something like $12 an hour, or a little more than half of what we ordinarily pay a babysitter for an hour’s work. Next year, we would just drive the stuff directly to A Wider Circle and spend the day at the pool.

And next year was yesterday.

We were both a little surprised to find ourselves sitting in the hot sun, but this was the year our youngest moved to a “big girl” bed. All the baby stuff would’ve been an ideal donation to any number of charities but somehow we decided that we’d prefer to haggle with compete strangers ourselves.

That barely used double stroller… will you take 75 cents?

All over the neighborhood, our friends and neighbors seemed to have similar thoughts. I guess it sort of made sense… many of us have kids about the same age. There were a lot of strollers and other gently-used (i.e. the marker stains washed off by the fifth cycle) crap available to be had at once in a lifetime bargains. My wife and I even had an almost unused crib mattress… not “almost unused” as in “light wear,” but actual “nothing but dolls have slept in this since its purchase.”

And all of it went unsold.

If you’re reading this now and planning to offer me 75 cents for the stroller and a dollar for the mattress, don’t bother… it’s all on the way to charity as I type.

At some point, we decided to bail on everything and just go to the pool.  We realized we’d netted $13 for our day’s efforts, so the only regret is that the pool decision wasn’t made earlier.

But at least we can now pay the babysitter for several minutes of her time.