20+ years ago when the internet was in its infancy, I came across what someone was claiming to be the novels that the Star Wars films were based on.  Among them was the “next series” of books that included the future exploits of the characters, focusing on how everyone had children who became best friends and had another set of adventures together.  It was fan fiction plain and simple although the term didn’t exist yet.

The stories were ridiculously simple and based on problems that kept many a 2nd grader up at night: recovering Luke’s somehow still healthy hand and his becoming best man in Han and Leia’s wedding as examples.  The stories were trash, almost completely forgettable, and something I’d never have thought about again had the recovery of Luke’s lightsaber not been a major plot point in the Force Awakens.

After watching The Last Jedi, I have wonder if maybe I was mistaken.  Perhaps the fan fiction author, whoever it happened to be, had grown up, never learned to write, and still somehow managed to churn out the final draft of The Last Jedi script.  The film is filled with a ton of odd moments, each one bizarre and seemingly more random than the next.

I can’t cite examples without revealing spoilers and consuming a large portion of my day.  For now, all I will do is point out Benicio del Toro seemed as confused as I was.  It’s not like he was seated beside me, but rather I’m going by his on screen reaction.

All said, the ending… the part with the little boy was satisfying.  I can only wish everything about how we got there was entirely different.