My job requires me to travel with varying frequency.  Sometimes I can go weeks between trips and other times the trips seem to occur nonstop.  Regardless of the frequency, the reaction from the homefront is generally consistent.  The Snowflakes as well as my lovely red headed wife question whether the trip is necessary.

It’s always nice to know that I’ll be missed.

This week, I spent part of a day in Southern California pursing something that came up at the last moment.  The reaction I received after breaking the news was a bit different than expected.

Me: I’m heading to Southern California tomor—

At least I think that’s what she said.  What I heard was more like “AARONJUDGELIVESINSOUTHERNCALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I spent more time in transit than I actually spent in California, but the entire time I was there I had a birthday card for Snowflake that I was going to ask Aaron Judge to sign if our paths happened to cross.  Ridiculous?  Maybe, but I’d have felt worse if the universe had happened to have both of us in the same place and I didn’t have the card.

Basic parenting.  It’s only silly if you feel silly.  I saw this as merely being prepared.

Getting the card signed remains an outstanding item on my To Do List, but not an opportunity I missed.