I’ll never forget the first time my daughter asked me to throw her a ball. It was truly an amazing moment—but not for her as much as regarding her. There was truly was a person there… one with her own wants and needs.

(It was her first sentence, just in case that part isn’t totally clear.)

As she’s grown, there have been more shocking moments. I’ll never forget the first time I heard my father’s words coming out of my mouth. And I’ll also never forget the first time I heard my words coming out the Snowflakes’ mouths.

Snowflake #1 loves to talk about the depth of the New York Yankee bullpen and count the moments until first pitch (or opening tipoff for the Hoosiers). She’d love to see a no-hitter or a game in Bloomington. I’d swear these urges are entirely biological, but my lovely red headed wife disagrees. Perhaps occasionally even vehemently so.

Snowflake #2 simply seems to love to talk and talk and talk. I also wonder where she gets this from. My lovely red headed wife and I might never figure this out.

For now, the debate continues.

We started camp recently and Snowflake #1 is at the point where her camp day requires a specialty. We signed her up for STEM knowing she’d absolutely love it… and then we felt terror creep in around the edges as we learned all of her friends’ parents signed their children up for different activities.

My lovely red headed wife and I labored over our decision. Do we change her specialty? Do we plead with other parents to consider STEM?

In the end we decided to wait and see how everything played out. Maybe Snowflake would be excited about making new friends in STEM?

As it would turn out, the only other girl in STEM transferred to dance on the first day. Was Snowflake despondent? Hardly. A little confused perhaps, but hardly upset. She’s actually wondering why more girls haven’t chosen STEM with the same zealousness that is usually reserved for wondering why Chad Green doesn’t pitch more.

Just like STEM, Chad’s totally awesome. I imagine he’ll be assisting Snowflake in some way when she’s running the world someday.  Not too many people line up a reliever when planning for world domination, but Snowflake’s a bit of an out of the box thinker.

She’d probably love to talk about the depth Chad provides anyway.