I’m doing the math. I was born on this date in 1968 and that would make me 50 years old today (at the time of writing, not publication). How is this possible?

I’d swear I was in my 20s when I woke this morning but somehow an old man was staring back at me from the mirror with my own eyes by the time I’d reached the bathroom.

I remember when my father turned 50–I was 22 at the time—he wasn’t picking his kids up from elementary school like I was earlier. And he probably wasn’t standing in the rain wherever he was. In my memory, my father wore a turtleneck under a v-next sweater. Today? I remember staring at my feet at some point while waiting for the dismissal bell. Was some part of me contemplating sensible shoes?

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t feel 50 (other than my knees which sometimes feel about 150, but I’m assuming that will pass) and I have a tremendous amount of immaturity to fall back on to keep me young at heart. Somewhere my cardiologist is wondering why he feels compelled to face palm right about now.

Shout Out to my lovely red headed wife if she’s reading this: please don’t nod your head so vigorously Honey, you’re not that far behind me… oh, wait… my bad. (I’ve flubbed another seemingly simple math problem!)

Most people seem to be shocked when I share my age. Today I’ve learned that you really are old when someone tells you you don’t look your age but you’re still offended by how old they tell you you do look. Mentioning my cardiologist again, he’s urging me to keep doing whatever I’ve doing that’s gotten me this far.

I explained that I’ve run almost every day for the past 34 years. I guess there really is no reason to stop now.

So here’s to the next half-century—! I only hope it doesn’t go by quite as quickly as the last one.

Special Shout Out to Bernie Williams, a Yankee favorite I’ve cheered for ever since he showed up in the back of an NYY Yearbook almost 30 years ago. We almost shared a birthday. Bernie was born exactly one day after me.

I can’t believe Bernie Williams is 50 too, or will be by the time this is published. I hope he’s having fun wherever he is.