Despite the lack of updates, the Right Foot of Rockville is having a solid season. She’s doing all the little things she’s supposed to be doing but has been a bit frustrated by the lack of goal scoring. That changed today when she found the back of the net to put her team on the board. We eventually would up winning 3-0 as all three goals were scored by different players.

The game was outstanding. The coaching was exceptional too.

Have a mentioned I’m now the head coach? I can’t quite claim it to have been a promotion since the previous head coach moved his daughter to a different league. I merely stepped into the vacancy that both of their absences created.

It wasn’t the best decision I ever made.

Don’t get me wrong—I have two awesome assistant coaches… I just wish one of them was the one in charge. It would be a lot less work for me. It’s not that I don’t want to manage the Yankees someday (right after I finally give up on being a player), but I’d swear Aaron Boone put that uniform on and instantly aged 20 years. I’m not quite in the same boat, but there are very few moments when 3rd grade soccer isn’t at least in the back of my mind.

My father coached me twice… and I think I made his life merry hell both times. Among the things I’d like to apologize for, this is certainly closer to the top of the list than the bottom. My daughter isn’t quite what I was, but she’s still something other than “easily manageable” on the sidelines.

I’m actually doing more complaining than I initially intended. Still though, I can’t get over the changes between 2nd and 3rd grade soccer. Last year was much more of a free for all. We played, we won more than we lost, and we had fun. This year we seem to be doing a lot of the same, but they’ve added a bunch of rules. In case it’s not apparent, the “they” in that sentence is “soccer.” We’re playing with a lot more of official soccer rules we didn’t need to concern ourselves with before.

So there are times as though I feel like I’m not only herding cats, but wondering about new regulations while doing so… as well as more equipment to manage… and playing time to keep track of… and positional awareness and so on.

And for a moment earlier this morning, none of it mattered. The Right Foot of Rockville drilled a ball past two defenders and a first year goalkeeper… and the parent in me had a moment of elation. The head coach in me even took a moment before screaming about getting back on defense or some such.

Because the Right Foot of Rockville struck again!