My lovely red headed wife and I have been married for more than ten years. We’ve shared 4 apartments (3 in New York City and 1 in Maryland) before purchasing our little plot of paradise in the DC suburbs.  Everyone single one of the places we’ve called home have shared a certain quality: we’ve hated our refrigerator every single time.

In New York, we seemed to have various variations on dorm fridges, each one seemingly a little smaller than it should’ve been. The last of the four even lost all of its freon overnight. Our landlord graciously replaced what had become an oversized nightlight with something similarly undersized as a refrigerator. As I type this it occurs to me that we’ve had 5 refrigerators total in our 4 apartments.

Five years ago we bought our house after months of enduring the contact sport  that is home ownership in the DC suburbs. The kitchen and deck were the qualities that really sold us. In time we grew to hate this refrigerator too, not that it took very long.

Our house was built in 1963 and I mention this because all of the updates that took place prior to our arrival played in the original architecture.  We redid the hall bathroom because the original (gold) tub had an 8 inch soaking depth. Despite our efforts in that undertaking, there was nothing we could do about the size of the room in general.

The kitchen that had been remodeled similarly played into the existing space. So while we dreamt of replacing the refrigerator with a larger model, we quickly realized we couldn’t given its position against the wall. In 1963 you could place a refrigerator there because you could choose between a door that opened to the right or left. In 2019, you have to make a concession to size because if you go completely up against the wall you won’t be able to open one of the french doors.

Yes, we could’ve blown out a wall or recut some granite, but making the dining room smaller or otherwise incurring some serious costs weren’t terribly high on our to do list.  Meanwhile we resurfaced the cabinets, replaced the backsplash, and redid all of the lighting.  The microwave is new too.

Someday we might even replace the refrigerator. For now however, my lovely red headed wife isn’t too keen on my “array of dorm fridges” suggestion and truth be told, I suppose I’m not either. I just don’t want the current refrigerator to think it won this round.